DC Secular Weddings

Non-Denominational and Secular Wedding Ceremonies.


I have chosen to perform only secular or non-denominational services. More and more couples from diverse backgrounds opt for wedding ceremonies that focus more on celebrating the union than on religious underpinnings.


In the past, couples could derive meaning from the traditions and rituals of religion. In urban areas like Washington, D.C. couples tend to be more diverse and a shared religious background on which to base a wedding is becoming less common.


Just because there isn't reference to a specific deity or religious tradition doesn't mean your ceremony can't be meaningful. Some of the most beautiful ceremonies I've seen are non-denominational. We can work together on this.

Don't know where to start with your ceremony? I can share examples of other ceremonies I've done. It might also help to think about the following questions.

  • Why am I getting married? I don't mean for you to question your decision. Think about how your life will be better post marriage.
  • What does marriage mean to me (us)? Is this a public declaration of your love? Or are you doing this because it's important to you that your union be recognized by the state? There are many other reasons none are inherently bad.
  • What interests and values do share? Laughing? Activism? Intelligence?, Travel?
  • Do I want my wedding to make a social or political statement? This may seem odd, but I once officiated a wedding where an entire 5 minutes was devoted the discussion of fairness in our marriage laws as it pertained to same sex unions. It was fantastic! More importantly it worked! It wasn't overly preachy and it didn't make anyone uncomfortable. I still have the text from this wedding if your are interested
  • Do I want my ceremony to be solemn or humorous?

How much notice do you need to perform the service?

Not much. Ideally, I’d like to have a couple meetings with you and your partner to develop the service guide and iron out the logistics. However, as long as I’m available for your wedding date, I’m willing to put in the hours in a short amount of time to make sure we’re all ready in time for the ceremony.

Are same sex weddings legal in the Washington D.C.?

I am happy to report that as of 2010 same sex weddings are legal in DC. I have performed several and love playing a small role in marriage equality. If you do not support same sex weddings I recommend going with someone else.

Do you ever discuss spirituality or religion in your services?

I believe that religion and spirituality are very important to our culture. My ceremonies often refer to religious and spiritual texts, and how they relate to marriage, companionship, and commitment. I simply do not claim to represent any formal religious organization or have any particular religious insight. I perform non-denominational services. The advantage of this is we can choose from any religious text that we decide is meaningful to you.

  Send me an email If you have any other questions.


This includes at least one meeting with the couple (though it is often more), the wedding rehearsal, and performing the service. If you don't have a wedding coordinator I can also assist with coordinating walking down the aisle and other wedding logistics. I don't charge more for these added services.


Signing Ceremony

People often require this service if they were married in another country and are finding it difficult to navigate the bureaucracy of getting the US Government to acknowledge it.


License Services

If you and and partner are both from out of town it can be hard to manage going to the DC court house to get your marriage license. As an registered offciant I can serve an your proxy and obtain your license on your behalf.


Includes the $45 application fee


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